CELTA, weeks one and two

I’m now at the halfway mark in the journey to earning my “CELTA,” which stands for “Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.” The training is a rigorous as anything I’ve experienced; probably similar in intensity to the MTC (which explains the 2-week hiatus in blogging), but with a different focus. One of this generation’s wisest men said that “education is the key to opportunity,” and I think he would approve of such a course. It’s already changing how I teach and how I think about teaching. I recommend the course to anyone who would like to learn how to teach the English language. And while I won’t be able to go abroad to teach English until sometime next year due to a commitment to Big Brothers (which I also recommend), my plan is to teach free English classes locally so as to get some practice and not lose the valuable (and moderately pricey) skills I’m learning.

I’ll comment more on the CELTA experience later.

Note: I’m also reading A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-first Century by Oliver Van DeMille. You really should read this book, and think about what it means for you, your children, and anyone else whose education matters to you.